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Simple Guide Series: 1

6 steps towards obtaining your Turkish citizenship in only 3 to 5 months by buying 250K USD worth of real estate:
[In 2018, the Turkish government amended the law, lowering the threshold from 2 Million USD to 250,000 USD.]
👉 Find the right property and seller through a trusted medium.
👉 Ask for an independent valuation report
👉 Consult with real estate experts and experienced lawyers.
👉 Make the payment and get the title deed.
👉 Let your lawyer get your compliance certificate from the government.
👉 Start your citizenship application process.
✅ We are ready to assist you in all these steps.
Some more relevant infos:
✅ Turkish passport ranks 38th all over the world. Visa Free Or Visa On Arrival travel can be made to more than 115 countries.
✅ Easy visa applying to European Schengen countries, UK, and the USA.
✅ Free education at Turkish public universities.
✅ Free health services.
✅ Retirement benefit. and many more..

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