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Residence Permit in Turkiye

Benefits of Real Estate Residence Permit in Turkiye

There has been a significant increase in the demand for real estate in the Turkish market from international investors in recent years, which resulted in a growth in the number of foreigners buying real estate and flats inTurkiye. The Turkish government has worked to grant investors and those who want to own property in Turkiye the right to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkiye since 2016.

Hassle-free entry: You can leave and return toTurkiye without a need of visa making Turkey your second home.

Legally residing on Turkish territory: You can stay in Turkiye legally and take advantages of so many opportunities provided by Turkish government. You can get your tax number, open a bank account in Turkiye, and have a turkish driver’s license.

Annual renewal of real estate residence permit: Reniewing residence permit is not much of a complexicity if you gain residence permit by owning a property.

Residence permit for family: With the help of your real estate residence permit you can also acquire residence permit for your spouse and children who is under 18 year of age.

Free access to education and health services:  Turkish government provides free education for primary and high school students. Your children can be benefitted from this opportunity. You need to pay a small fee for getting health care service if you have a turkish residency.

Apply for long-term residency:  After eight years of residency in Turkiye , you have the right to apply for long-term residency in Turkiye .

Possible to apply for Turkish citizenship: If the value of the property purchased in Turkiye is more than $400,000 you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

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