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Facilities provided by the government to a Turkish citizen

As a Turkish citizen, you are entitled to a number of benefits and facilities provided by the government. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind:

  • Healthcare: Turkish citizens have access to a comprehensive national health system, which covers a wide range of medical services and treatments. The government provides subsidies for certain treatments, as well as free care for low-income families.
  • Education: The government provides a number of education facilities for Turkish citizens, including primary, secondary, and tertiary level institutions. The government also provides subsidies for tuition fees and other costs associated with higher education.
  • Social Security: Turkish citizens are entitled to a number of social security benefits, including pensions, unemployment benefits, and health insurance. The government also provides support for families with children, such as subsidies for childcare expenses.
  • Housing: The government provides a number of programs and facilities to help Turkish citizens obtain affordable housing. This includes subsidies for mortgage payments, as well as the construction of new housing units in urban areas.
  • Employment: The government provides a number of job opportunities and training programs for Turkish citizens, as well as subsidies for businesses that hire and retain workers. Additionally, the government provides support for entrepreneurs and small businesses, including loans and grants.
  • Citizenship: The government provides a number of services and benefits to Turkish citizens, including protection from discrimination, access to legal representation, and the ability to participate in democratic processes such as voting.

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