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Textile and raw materials

Import Textile and raw materials from Türkiye

Türkiye, one of the leading countries with a developed textile industry reached the highest record of all time with an export value of 12.9 billion dollars in 2021. Having competitive advantages in international markets, particularly in terms of its technology, extensive product range, quality, design, and creativity of its products, Türkiye is exporting its products to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. With a well-developed structure and a highly skilled labor force, it also has great flexibility and the ability to modernize its production. Turkish textile and raw materials industry possesses strong serviceability of quick response and on-time delivery. For these reasons, it has earned a good reputation in international markets.

Textile and raw materials

Maintaining the same good quality fabric as Italy and Germany, Türkiye can produce textile products more cheaply than European countries. That’s because Türkiye does not depend on imported raw materials and the holding companies in Türkiye unite many Turkish manufacturers. For instance, Eroglu holding is the owner of the famous Turkish clothing brand Colins. This holding also engaged in the real estate and retail trade.

Türkiye’s textile industry is good at making both budget-friendly and luxury brands. For example, the Taha group of Türkiye bought the French brand LC Waikiki. With the motto “Everyone has the right to dress well” it offers its customers inexpensive but high-quality clothes in 38 countries. On the contrary, it has a brand with a more expensive price segment like Mavi. Mavi entered the list of the world’s leading brands of premium denim clothing.

Türkiye is also famous for its light industry of carpet weaving. For centuries Türkiye exported many carpets to the world. From the period of the Seljuk warrior dynasty, Turkish weaving got its fame, but it reached its fame during the Ottoman period. The carpets weaved for Turkish court nobility were famous all over the world. 99 percent of all these high-quality traditional carpets in Türkiye are handmade. It ranks first in the world in carpet export.

Textile and raw materials

In the home textiles field, Türkiye is one of the first countries that come to mind. With high-quality wool and fabric, rich manufacturing areas and techniques, advanced education opportunities in the textiles area, and a qualified labor force in quality and quantity, Türkiye ranked first in Europe and fourth in the world among the top manufacturers in the home textiles field. Approximately 5% of the total home textiles exports in the world are covered by Türkiye. It sends its home textiles products to a total of 172 countries.

Textile and raw materials

The orders from importers for textile and its raw materials are increasing day by day in Türkiye. Many new clients and companies are looking for Turkish textile supplies these days. If you are one of those importers of textile products, you can choose the textile and garment industry with the “Made in Türkiye” label.

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