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How to buy property in Turkey

Simple Guide 2: How to buy property in Turkey as a Foreigner and get Turkish property residency

☛ According to Turkish law, foreign nationals are free to buy property anywhere in Turkey except for military zones/ special security zones. However not all the areas are suitable for property residency. Some areas are closed to new residency permit application.

☛ Residential apartments, commercial spaces, villas, and buildings are easier to buy than plots and lands as there are certain conditions that are attached to properties that are not being used.

☛ You can look for properties through online ads, or local real estate agents or investment consultants like us. But always be extra careful while using online portals like Hepsiemlak, Sahibinden, etc. There are many speculative and fake but attractive ads that are listed only to fool buyers/ foreigners.

☛ Remember that you can always have an advantage when you search for a property if you know the Turkish language and overall area. Even in the bargaining phase, it is very helpful.

☛ If you want to purchase a property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship then the amount required for the citizenship (citizenship by investment threshold is 400k usd) must be made via bank transfer and you have to collect a foreign exchange certificate from the Turkish central bank.

If you are buying property to obtain Turkish Property Residency in big cities then you have to purchase an apartment worth at least 75k usd, and if it’s for P.R. in small cities then at least 50k usd. Similarly, You have to take a foreign exchange certificate and officially transact the money through bank from your account to the property owner’s account.

If you don’t want Citizenship or P.R. then it is sufficient to make a full or partial cash payment in person to the seller.

☛ There is no minimum price of a property if you are not looking for a Property residence card or Turkish citizenship.

☛ Before making a purchase agreement, the relevant title deed must be checked at the “land registry office” to ensure there are no restrictions, outstanding mortgages, leans against the property, or any other situation that may prevent the sale of the property. We highly recommend you to get this done by a professional experienced lawyer.

☛ It is obligatory to have the independent valuation report/ expertise report of your preferred property before the date of signing the title deed.

☛ Do not sign a contract and make any payment unless you have obtained all the above-mentioned information/ documents related to the property.

☛ Do NOT begin a sales transaction on any property before researching a company or seller. We strongly recommend always consulting with a legitimate and reliable real estate company/ investment consultant like us – because we try our best to protect your rights and help you throughout the entire buying process.

☛ In case of any disputes or disagreements regarding the purchase of a property, it is necessary to appeal to the Turkish jurisdiction courts. You should know that the Turkish Foreign Ministry or foreign delegations do not get involved in The judicial process for property disputes and you will have to retain legal representation with a registered attorney.

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