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Turkish Education System

The Turkish education system encompasses both formal and informal education, with primary, secondary, and higher education falling under the formal category. This blog provides a concise overview of Turkey’s education system, highlighting its structure and key stages.

  1. Primary Education (İlköğretim):

Primary education in Turkey is compulsory and provided free of charge by the government. Children between the ages of six and eighteen are entitled to free public school education. It serves as the foundation of the education journey, laying the groundwork for further learning.

  1. Intermediate Education (Ortaöğretim):

Intermediate education covers various options for students after completing primary education. It includes the following:

  • High School (Düz Lise): General high schools offering a wide range of subjects.
  • Professional Secondary Schools (Meslek Lisesi): Vocational schools providing practical skills training for specific professions.
  • Anadolu Lisesi High Schools: High schools offering advanced academic programs, focusing on science and mathematics education.
  • Technical Sciences High School (Fen Lisesi): Specialized high schools emphasizing scientific and technical education.
  • Imams and Preachers High Schools (İmam – Hatip Lisesi): Schools focusing on religious education alongside standard curriculum.
  • Fine Arts High Schools (Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi): Schools specializing in various forms of fine arts.
  • Private Schools (Özel Lise): Privately-owned high schools offering alternative educational approaches.
  1. Higher Education (Yükseköğretim):

Higher education in Turkey offers a range of academic degrees. The key degrees include:

  • First Degree in Licentiate Degree (Ön Lisans Derecesi): A two-year program providing vocational training and specialized skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Lisans Derecesi): Typically a four-year undergraduate program in various disciplines.
  • Master’s Degree / Higher Bachelor’s Degree (Yüksek Lisans Derecesi): A postgraduate degree requiring an additional two years of study beyond the bachelor’s degree.
  • PhD/Doctorate Degree: The highest academic degree, typically requiring original research and several years of study.

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