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Turkish Residence Permit

Types of Turkish Residence Permit

Turkish residence permit is recquired to extend stay in Turkiye beyond the time limit specified in visa for settlement, working or studying purposes. It is an authorization to live in Turkey, study, get married, convert to Turkish drivers’ license, get tax number, open a bank account, purchase property, make investments, and much more.

Turkish Residence Permit Types

Turkish Residence Permit

Short-term residence permit: Among all other residence permit it is the most sought residence permit. If your purpose fall under following criteria, you may apply for short term residence permit.

  1. For conducting scientific research
  2. Owner of immovable property in Turkey
  3. For establishing business or commercial connections
  4. Participating in on-the-job training programs
  5. For attending educational or similar programs as part of student exchange programs.
  6. For tourism purposes.
  7. For receiving medical treatment, if they do not have a disease posing a public health threat.
  8. If anyone is required to stay in Turkey pursuant to a request or a decision of judicial or administrative authorities.
  9. Transfer from a family residence permit
  10.  For attending a Turkish language course
  11.  For attending an education program, research, internship or, a course by way of a public agency.
  12. If anyone apply within six months upon graduation from a higher education program in Turkey.
  13. If anyone does not work in Turkey but will make an investment within the scope and amount that shall be determined by the Council of Ministers, and their foreign spouses, his and her foreign minor children or foreign dependent children.
  14. Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Short-term residence permit is issued maximum for a two-year period each time beside exceptions.

Family residence permit:

Family residence permit is granted to the

  1. spouse,
  2. children or minor children of their spouse,
  3. dependent children or dependent children of their spouse

of Turkish citizens. The sponsor must have a valid health insurance covering all family members and enough income to support them. A family residence permit issued for a maximum duration of three years at a time and it cannot exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit under any circumstances.

Student residence Permit: For primary or secondary education there is no need to get student residence permit if he/she has a family residence permit. Otherwise, one must apply for student residence permit.

For attending an associate, undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate program or receive education for specialty in medicine (TUS) or in dentistry (DUS) one has to apply for this s student residence permit.

Long term residence permit: long term residence permit is issued for indefinite period. One is required to fulfill the required conditions for long term residence permit:

  1. To have continuous residence in Turkey for at least eight years (In calculation of continuous eight years, half of the duration of student resident permits and the full duration of all other types of residence permits shall be considered.)
  2. No receiving of social assistance in the past three years
  3. To have sufficient and stable income to maintain themselves or, if any, support their family.
  4. To be covered with a valid medical insurance.
  5. Not to pose a public order or public security threat.

Humanitarian residence permit: This type of residence permit is granted to those who has no valid visa or residence permit and waiting for the deportation or can not return to his country of residence due to emergency reasons.

Residence permit for victims of human trafficking:

This type of residence permit is granted to foreigners who are victims of human trafficking or where there is strong circumstantial evidence that they might be victims. The residence permit for victims of human trafficking can be issued for thirty days and it may be renewed for six months periods. However, the total duration shall not exceed three years.

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