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Bringing Your Car to Turkey

A Practical Guide to Bringing Your Car to Turkey

Importing your car into Turkey may seem enticing, but it requires careful planning and adherence to legal regulations. Whether you’re a foreigner moving to Turkey or a Turkish citizen returning from abroad, knowing the procedures, taxes, and necessary documentation is crucial for a hassle-free process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the car importation process effectively:

Step 1: Research Import Regulations

Familiarize yourself with Turkey’s import regulations by contacting the Turkish Consulate in your country of residence or visiting the official website of the Turkish Customs and Trade Ministry of Interior. Regulations may change, so always double-check before taking any action.

Step 2: Temporary Entry vs. Permanent Importation

Decide whether you want to temporarily bring your car for tourism or short-term visits without paying import taxes or import it permanently with potential taxes based on the vehicle’s value, engine displacement, and age.

Step 3: Obtain the Foreign Vehicles Carnet (Blue Card)

To proceed with the importation, obtain the Yabancı Taşıtlar Geçici Giriş Belgesi (Foreign Vehicles Carnet), commonly known as the Blue Plate Card. This card is required at the customs office and the Turkish government registration office in your district.

Step 4: Understanding Time Limitations

Know the maximum time allowed for keeping the car in Turkey. Temporary importation is allowed for 730 days, while tourists can stay for 90 days out of 180, with both the owner and the vehicle leaving the country together.

Step 5: Gather Required Vehicle Documents

Ensure you have all necessary documents, including the original vehicle registration document, valid driver’s license, passport, relevant visas, and international traffic insurance coverage for Turkey.

Step 6: Complete Customs Clearance Requirements

Upon arriving at the Turkish border, head to the nearest customs office or designated entry point to complete the customs clearance process. This involves vehicle inspection, submitting customs declaration forms, paying customs fees, and obtaining temporary license plates for legal driving.

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