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Essential Apps for a Seamless Turkey Experience

Turkey is a country brimming with history, culture, and diverse experiences. To optimize your time in this captivating land, having the right apps on your smartphone can significantly enhance your Turkey adventure. From exploring local markets to navigating bustling streets, here’s a curated list of indispensable apps for your journey.

BiTaksi or Uber: Hassle-Free Rides

Getting around Turkey is effortless with ride-sharing apps like BiTaksi or Uber. Ensure a smooth journey by quickly securing a ride and reaching your destination comfortably, whether it’s a historic site or a lively bazaar.

Moovit or Trafi: Effortless Public Transportation

For those who prefer public transportation, apps like Moovit or Trafi act as virtual guides. Access real-time schedules, routes, and receive alerts for any delays or changes. Navigate the cityscape with ease.

Otobüsüm Nerede: Your Bus Companion in Istanbul

Specifically designed for Istanbul, Otobüsüm Nerede is the official application of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of IETT Operations. Find out bus routes, timetables, and stops. Ask Otobüsüm Nerede how to get to your desired destination and view stops, Istanbulkart filling points, and Ispark points near you in both list and map views.

Istanbul Kart Mobile Application: Smart Transport Solutions

Streamline your public transportation experience in Istanbul with the Istanbul Kart Mobile Application. Manage your Istanbul Kart, check your balance, recharge your card, and plan your journeys efficiently.

Sahibinden: Your Marketplace for Everything

Sahibinden is the go-to app for buying and selling almost anything in Turkey. From real estate to second-hand items, find the best deals and connect with sellers seamlessly.

e-Devlet: All-in-One Government Services

Access a wide range of government services through the e-Devlet app. From official documents to tax inquiries, this app simplifies interactions with various government agencies.

e-Nabız: Your Health Companion

Stay on top of your health with e-Nabız. This app allows you to access your health records, book appointments, and receive personalized health information.

Getir/Trendyol: On-Demand Essentials

Need something ASAP? Getir and Trendyol have your back! From food to other must-haves, these apps are your go-to for on-demand essentials. Whether it’s a snack, daily necessities, or a sudden craving – find it all at your fingertips. Shop smart, shop quick with Getir and Trendyol!

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