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Real Talk 2: Investors are eying on the biggest project in the Mediterranean region, and one of the biggest in Turkiye

This enormous new project is the biggest project in the Mediterranean region, and one of the biggest in Turkey in terms of the overall land area!! It has around 19,000 apartment units inside.

There will be a hospital, mosques, swimming pool, Gym, Parks, Green areas, lakes, University, College, Schools, Super shops, Shopping Malls and every type of Social Facility!! This is like a self-sustainable city inside a metropolitan city more than 85,000 people will live inside, and some of them have already started living inside the finished building there are different kinds of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 apartments, and also home offices for those who want to work from home.

The apartment prices start from only 60,000 USD and the prices are expected to increase at least 70% more once the full project will be finished in 2022!!
It is so close to the main city, and many Tourist destinations, and just beside the Biggest University in that region, Akdeniz University. Also very near to the biggest hospital and Shopping malls of Antalya, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Airport, Bus terminal, Sea beach, etc.
It has existing public transports like Buses, and Trams. And there will be tram stations inside the project! ­čĺąFuture investment, ROI, rental income, a place to stay, and a relaxed vacation All in one!!

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